1: After 14 seasons, Blue Bloods comes to a close. Tom Selleck and CBS bid farewell in a statement.

2: Fans mourn the end of an era as beloved characters leave the screen. What will the future hold?

3: Tom Selleck reflects on his time as Frank Reagan. The impact of Blue Bloods will last forever.

4: CBS announces the end of the popular police drama. What led to this decision?

5: The legacy of Blue Bloods lives on in the hearts of fans. Thank you for 14 incredible seasons.

6: The end of an era is bittersweet for cast and crew. Memories of Blue Bloods will never fade.

7: What will Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast do next? The future is full of possibilities.

8: The final season of Blue Bloods leaves fans wanting more. The end is just the beginning.

9: As we say goodbye to Blue Bloods, we celebrate the impact it had on television. Thank you for watching.