1: "Blue Bloods fans devastated as beloved show ending with Season 14. Tom Selleck and CBS confirm the news with a heartfelt statement. #BlueBloods #TomSelleck #CBS"

2: "After 11 successful seasons, Blue Bloods will conclude its run with Season 14. Fans express their sadness over the popular crime drama coming to an end. #BlueBlo

3: "Tom Selleck, who portrays Frank Reagan, expresses his gratitude to the loyal audience for their support throughout the show's tenure. #TomSelleck #BlueBloodsFina

4: "CBS announces that the decision to end Blue Bloods was a difficult one but ultimately necessary. The show will wrap up its storylines with Season 14. #CBS #BlueB

5: "As fans bid farewell to the Reagan family, many are reminiscing about their favorite moments and characters from Blue Bloods over the years. #BlueBloods #TomSell

6: "The impact of Blue Bloods on television and its portrayal of the NYPD will be remembered long after the final episode airs in Season 14. #BlueBloodsEnding #CBS #

7: "Tom Selleck's portrayal of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan has left a lasting legacy on Blue Bloods fans worldwide. The end of an era is bittersweet. #TomSellec

8: "Despite the sadness over Blue Bloods ending, fans are grateful for the 11 seasons of gripping storylines and compelling characters the show provided. #BlueBloods

9: "In a joint statement, Tom Selleck and CBS express their appreciation for the incredible cast, crew, and fans who made Blue Bloods a success for over a decade. #T